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Filter Shootout, Hoya HD vs Hoya Pro1D vs Hoya HMC vs B+W (Alloy) + No Filter

My friend hang over at my place recently, and was interested to know if filter makes a difference. He couldn't believe his eyes.

all shots using Canon 40D + Canon 70-200mm f2.8 IS L

Final result by rank
1) Hoya HD - no noticable flare
2) B+w (Alloy) - slightly flare on lower right
3) Hoya Pro1 - right slide flare
4) No Filter - left side flare
5) Hoya HMC - flare everywhere !

i don't have the brass type of b+w and Heliopan for comparison, anyone would be kind enough to send me one :) hahahaha


Hoya Pro1D vs HD vs HMC vs B+W (Alloy) vs No filter


Strobist or not strobist

These shots look very strobist style. But then it is not. It creates the mood of being in a windy place with nice blue sky, when it's actually in KL @ 38c. It's damn hot when we were doing the shoot. Have to stop a couple of times for the model to wipe her sweat.