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Back to basic in Photography - Shutter speed

Something i read sometime ago which is very useful for people who just got into photography. The one most common question is why my shots are blur? wat shutter speed to use?

It's pretty simple, basic rules is 1/x shutter speed, in which x = focal length.


u using a 18-55mm lens, when shooting at 55mm you will need 1/55 s. However, due to the crop factor in digital body, we need to multiply with the crop factor. so instead of 1/55 s it becomes 1/88 s which is around 1/80s.

A simple chart for you all

Focal Length (mm) Effective Focal length  (mm) Shutter  (s)
 18  28.8  1/30
 24  38.4  1/40
 28  44.8  1/50
 50  80  1/80
 55  88  1/80
 70  112  1/120
 90  144  1/160
 100  160  1/160
 200  320  1/320
 300  480  1/500

Vincent Pang's Gal

Yup I'm a proud father. My wife gave birth to a baby girl on 19th June 08. It is seriously another chapter in my life. I was with my wife but not in the room not because i'm afraid of blood, but I cannot bear the pain she is having. I just have to leave the room and stay outside or I think i'll whack the Dr. and nurses.

Well I do trust that they can do a good job as such i left. The actual pain lasted around 1.5 hour and I was outside hearing her complaining of pain. I left the hospital at 3.30am, and I went home, and i can tell you I can't sleep because I really felt the pain she was having. OUCH !

Less talking more photos

This is when she just born, about 1 hour old, the first thing I notice was her lips, so like her mother.

Day 1 - at home

Day 2 - sleeping most of her time


Day 3 - She opens her eyes, and peep at us

Day 4 - My mom feeding her

4GB RAM on 32-bit Windows XP/2003

I recently purchased 2x HP DL360 with dual Quad core and 4GB of ram. For some reason it only shows 3.24 GB

After some google, i found that it's the limitation on 32-bit processor. By adding the /PAE to the C:\boot.ini (hidden) solve the problem.

[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Windows Server 2003, Standard" /noexecute=optout /fastdetect /PAE